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Click to see enlarged photo.   VICTORIAN-STYLE GLASS BOTTLE ORDER FORM

As these are hand-painted, each will have a unique design. The shape and topper of the glass bottle will also vary. Sometimes heart-shaped bottles, circular, or rectangular bottles are used, depending upon what is available to us at the time of your order. The size of the bottle may range from about 3" to 5". They are painted with acrylic paints and permanent inks, and then are coated with a varnish and an acrylic spray. We often use small charms, ribbons, etc.. as extra decorations. Inside the bottle there is a tiny paper scroll with a poem or secret message, which you may personalize.

  Personalize My Victorian Bottle:
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    (Limited to five letters. If the name is longer, please use initials.)

> No Personalization, Just the Design.

  Personalize the Secret Message on the Paper Scroll:
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      (Please keep it short-- it's a very small piece of paper.)

> No personalization. Please select a small message or poem for me instead.

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Bottles are $40 each, plus $8 shipping & handling, and 7.25% tax. You will receive an e-mail or letter confirming your order specifications, studio time estimates, and the final cost. You must reply by e-mail or mail to confirm the order. Full payment is required prior to us beginning any artwork for you. All payments in US Funds drawn on US Banks must be payable to CP Postmarks.

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After receiving an e-mail confirming your order, which will include your total, please mail payment to:

PO Box 6213
San Rafael, California 94903-0213 USA
Please note that due to the personalized, unique nature of our products, we are unable to allow refunds, exchanges, or credits. All designs are unique, created just for you, and therefore will not be identical to any images seen on this web-site. Payment is required prior to us beginning any artwork for you. Delivery times vary according to project requested, selected method of shipment and studio schedule. You must be 18 years of age to order. By clicking the submit button below, you are agreeing to these conditions.
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